Financial Planning

We specialize in helping our clients develop and create a financial planning roadmap of how to achieve their goals. Planning can be the most important, and often overlooked, element in financial success. Topics in a comprehensive financial plan may include saving for retirement, spending during retirement, saving for a home, insurance coverage, education savings plan, investments, tax and estate planning.

Oak Street Advisory Group provides financial planning and retirement planning services for a one time flat fee. Fees for financial and retirement planning services range from $500 to $5,000 depending on the complexity of the analysis needed. The first meeting is complimentary (thirty minutes).

There are six steps in the financial planning process:

Step One

Establish the relationship and mutually define the scope of the engagement: In this first step, we identify the services to be provided. We also agree on the compensation for our services, and the length of our engagement.

Step Two

Gathering client data, determining goals, needs and priorities: Here we explore your personal and financial values and attitudes. We collect measurable information and documents relevant to the scope of our engagement. This enables us to develop and prioritize your goals and objectives.

Step Three

Analyzing and evaluating client financial information: Considering both personal and economic assumptions, we gain an understanding of your current financial situation. We determine the strengths and weaknesses, and to what extent your goals will be met under your current course of action.

Step Four

Develop and Present the financial planning recommendations: In an effort to meet your goals, needs, and priorities, we communicate our recommendations to you. We assist in helping you make informed decisions, and determine an appropriate path to your financial success.

Step Five

Implement the financial planning recommendations: Here we mutually agree on the implementation responsibilities consistent with the scope of our engagement. We may also recommend other professionals suitable for your financial situation, and consistent with your needs.

Step Six

Monitor the recommendations: We mutually define what, when and how the progress of the plan will be monitored.

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